Trust yourself like nature does

blog channelled Apr 19, 2020

I was looking at a huge quarry made out of slate watching the other day. I noticed how plants and trees are growing through very tough soil full of slate. I would have never thought that there could be any living plants or trees within such a difficult environment.

I'm sure that these plants didn’t moan about their circumstances....

About how life is happening TO them or that it's too difficult to get through and see the light.

They just grow
They are determined
They have the willpower
They know that it's not down to circumstances but to themselves
They are beings who are not afraid of failures or rejection

And so...
How often did you complain that it's too difficult?
How many times did you quit on your dream, because it didn't happen overnight?
What can we learn from nature, plants and Earth?
Will you get clear on what you want and will you have your own back for once?!

Once you make a decision, the Universe will align everything for you
Even though it doesn't seem like it at the time.
You need to make a decision and trust.

Believe in yourself like plants do. They don’t have time to hesitate or wait.

Do it now!
Trust yourself!
Don’t quit!
Have your own back no matter what!

Ask the Universe for help and allow yourself to receive it! I’m sure it will show up in the most magical way.

What is helping me to get going and fill up my drive?

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