Is panic, stress or fear getting to you?

blog channelled Apr 19, 2020

Today I asked,
what to do with all the panic, stress and fear?

Do you sometimes wake up not feeling yourself? Is panic and stress getting to you during these days?
There's no doubt you feel the way you feel at the moment.

Hope it post will be beneficial for at least some of you❤🤗

The message goes

From every single angle it's projected onto you,
You should be
👉In doubts
👉In panic

It's the idea of old reality where anything and anyone can get to you.
We're not saying not to be aware and safe.
No, we're saying exactly the opposite! TURN ON your awareness. Connect with what you really know.
Then you might perceive that this fear, worries and panic is not yours, yet it's projected onto you so strongly you can't figure out what is WRONG with you.

The way we'd like to present it to you is simple.
Imagine some rough edges and solid layers in your energy or reality in general.
These layers are made out of old reality, it's been working for decades, maybe centuries.
It's the layers that are reacting to the energy of fear, drama, terror and panic.
Now, when you are in the situation filled with these specific energies you have a CHOICE. You can go into reaction and let these layers react for you in the old known ways. Therefore, they put you in emotional and mental discomfort (this can project onto your physical level easily, pain in chest, shallow breathing, headaches, etc.)


You can choose to dissolve and let go of these old patterns, layers and edges.
Soften it a little.
Visualise how you're dissolving and letting go of all the energy that makes you REACT.
There's plenty of space and energy everywhere around you. If you would believe that it's safe to perceive your own energy and consciousness, you wouldn't have to hold back and react from this old, but known place of fear. You could simply trust and be in your new strong way of knowing, not needing to react or align with all the negativity.


Close you eyes,
Imagine some rough, edgy layers in your energy and by your choice and awareness allow them to dissipate. Dissolve them.

It's a conscious choice to evolve in this time of fear.
As you begin to be aware of any uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, energies, allow yourself to acknowledge them. Let them flow through you and by your choice allow the layers and patterns to be dissolved by energy of the new reality.

It's like dissolving them by your non reaction.
Every time you don't react, you actually act towards more ease!
With more ease in your energetic system, you can dismiss more patterns that react to the surrounding circumstances.

Eventually, by training yourself, by your own awareness and choice, you are getting closer to more ease and peace within.
This also means more Kindness, peace and ease for this Earth.

Please, find a minute or two (even more if you wish) and use this every time you feel the negativity is starting to affect you.
You're changing not only yourself, but helping others to raise their vibration too.

Thank you

Channeled by Nikoleta

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