Intensity of these days

blog channelled Apr 19, 2020

How can we deal with it?

These days might be very intense for all of you.

  • Your life
  • Your body
  • Your relationships

Everything is going through a big change.
It's called evolution that you, as human kind, need to go through to shed your old skin.
By old skin we mean your old reality.
The way how you think, treat others and most importantly, yourself.

This old reality was full of beliefs that you need to work, fix others, win...
Your collective past brought you here to this point, yet it is your opportunity as an individual to go through this transformation.

As you, and people one by one, start to strip their masks, the truth of you will come forward.

There's no one on this planet, who can hide.
You've been hiding for far too long. At this time people will get through their own issues in different ways.
Some will go within and dissolve beliefs, thoughts, expectations by themselves in a quieter manner.
Some will be irritated, bubbling with rage, anger and other emotions. Fighting for their beliefs and thoughts that are solid and fixed, not wanting to let go off them.
Some people will have easier times than others.

The only thing we can say is that when you surrender...
When you soften up...
When you let go of your own truth and start to look for consciousness, your journey will become much easier.

Truth, where are you still fighting?
What are you trying to prove?
Where is your ego kicking off like your life depends on it?
What would it take for you to soften up?
To lose your barriers and stop separating yourself from others?
How much awareness are you refusing to have by proving your rightness?

We're here with you, supporting you through the changes that are necessary.

You can do a little visualization/meditation each day to help you let go off your old reality and start to build a new one.

Please follow the steps below

1. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.
2. Feel your body touching the ground/chair/ bed...
3. Relax your whole body, fingers, toes, shoulders, neck, face,...
4. Invite the energy of the Earth into your body (you can imagine pulling little particles from the earth through your body, or you can go energetically down to the Earth to root yourself, or find your own way how to connect and ground)
5. Find your body relaxing and becoming lighter. It might feel like you're able to perceive cells or even molecules of your body. Becoming an energetic being rather than a physical body
6. Look for any stiffness, heaviness, darkness or discomfort in your body. Ask your body to show you where you're holding tight to your past or where you're unwilling to uncover possibilities of your future.
7. Focus on these places running light/energy through them asking to dissolve whatever is not allowing you to move forward with grace and ease
8. Sense how your body and being is becoming softer, more energised and aware.
9. Allow this energy to run through your whole reality (through your home, family, work space, any friends and if you're willing to, allow this energy to spread through the whole Earth)
10. Feel your body. Focus on your physical body laying or sitting in the room. Bring your awareness and attention to this physical world.

Repeat as often and for as long as it's a contribution to you and all there is.

  • Thank you for taking the time.
  • Thank you for not staying stubbornly in a non sustainable way of living.
  • Thank you for doing this for yourself and others too.

As you rise, you're bringing light to lives of many.
Please share with others for more ease and light.
With love ❤

Channelled by Nikoleta


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