A nice way to start your day

Apr 19, 2020

Start your morning by setting your intentions for the day ahead. One day at a time. It could change your whole life too.

What if mornings don’t have to be so difficult? I totally understand how it is for many of us. We wake up in the morning thinking straight away what must be done, what can't be missed, what targets we’re supposed to hit. Apart from that we’re scrolling through news feeds and getting either anxious, annoyed or stressed out.

This simple idea is bringing me into amazing vibes right away. I’ve learnt from a great business woman, Simone Milasas, not to touch my phone for the first hour after I wake up. If you find this to be difficult, she suggests to leave your phone out of the room.

It works great but hey… I know how we all love our smartphones nowadays. So if you are not willing to stay without your phone for an hour, don’t worry I have something shorter for you.

First thing after you wake up, whilst you’re still in bed with our eyes closed, just touch your face gently and your body too. Allow your body to wake up. I know those mornings when we want to stay in bed and we’re falling back to sleep… This helps me not only to wake up, but also to awaken my senses and after a little while my body naturally wants to move. I can feel how bed is just not enough anymore and I’m happily walking out 🙂

Most of the mornings I set intentions for the day ahead. I’m not talking about any targets or goals. I’m talking about vibration, situations, magic that I’d like to experience throughout the day.

When I feel like it and the weather let’s me, I even go out and connect bearfeet with the Earth. Other days I just sip my cup of coffee and I'm connecting to all the energies that I’m inviting into my reality.

It’s enough to think or say a word, like gratitude, and sense the energy of it. You don’t need to go into any details or analyze what it should feel like. Just ask for the energy by saying the word and take it in. Breathe in. Sense it in your body. Allow it to flush your whole world at the speed of light. That’s it, move to the next one. Easy does it!
Some mornings I just go on and on with all the nice stuff and my whole day is set.

Each day is different, yet every single one is important. Imagine what life you can create if you practice creating your each day? 🙂

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